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Penguin Ponderings - The Personal Blog of John T. Jones

This blog contains my musings, reflections, and professional and academic papers and articles I have written over the years. They range significantly in length and topic and appear in their original form to represent my current evolution in both thinking and skill of writing.

Why the bow tie?

Posted by John T. Jones on Jan 9, 2024 5:37:00 PM

After starting college in 2009 during the recession, I needed a way to stand out from the crowd of job seekers upon graduation. As I learned about branding in my Marketing 101 class, I realized that a person could benefit from a brand just as much as a company. The marketing guy in a bow tie was born.

To further differentiate myself, I worked hard to get an internship during the summer between my first and second years of college. In August 2010, I built on what I learned in the internship and started a freelance business, Penguin Creative Services.

The freelance marketing experience got me in the door of Amway North America in January 2012, and everything else has built on from there.

Tags: Reflection, Career

Why business and marketing?

Posted by John T. Jones on Sep 12, 2023 2:27:00 PM

Business and marketing are like a good mystery plot – my favorite genre. They are all built on a solid framework of principles but require creative approaches that change with the times and environment to attract and retain an audience.

I have always been a process-driven, curious problem solver adept at finding solutions to the seemingly impossible, including the broken VCR that worked when I put it back together at age eight. It’s just the way my brain works.

I love solving business and marketing problems by developing and innovating strategies supported by tactics and technology solutions that achieve goals.

As a leader, I pride myself in working alongside empowered, high-performing teams that deliver results. I am passionate about identifying and channeling talent and fostering professional development opportunities.

Tags: Reflection, Career

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